Best eSignature Software Review 2021

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Signatures are a critical part of most organizational workflows, but they are especially crucial in businesses like real estate. These businesses can leverage eSignature software to accelerate secure document signing of both contracts and approvals.

The great thing about eSignature software is that it can automate a manual, paper-based process. It’s perfect for bringing contracts and approvals online, which speeds up the signing process while also reducing errors.

E-signatures are legally binding because they represent the original intent of the signer to complete an agreement digitally. A business using e-signatures can embed them in the documents themselves, so they are easily accessible, or use software with an e-signature portal for an additional layer of security.

This review will look at several eSignature software options and assess them for ease of use, security, document and platform support, and value and show you the best eSignature software available in 2021. 

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What is eSignature software?

Electronic signature software allows users to put their signatures on a digital document using a cloud-based or desktop-based solution. Cloud-based solutions allow for eSignatures to be requested and delivered from anywhere. Handled through the right software, eSignatures are secure, verifiable, and legally binding. 

How do eSignatures help businesses?

 eSignatures have multiple benefits for businesses, including enhancements to document management processes. They allow for delivery of approvals and signatures anywhere, anytime, eliminating the time and other constraints associated with paper-based signature processes. They enable organizations to have their documents signed online and securely stored in the cloud without the need for additional scanning or filing. 

What is essential to look for in electronic signature software?

Device compatibility is one critical aspect of choosing a signature app. Most businesses will also want easy integration with applications such as Google Docs, DropBox, or even Salesforce and integration with commonly used APIs. 

Security and authentication and the ability to track users and preserve an audit trail are essential aspects of an eSignature app. 

Top 5 Rated Products


Best for small businesses

DocuSign is a U.S.-based software firm with over one million paying clients offering eSignature and related services. 

DocuSign’s standout features include: 

Web and app-based mobile functions, including text and email signature, prompt

This feature makes it easy for customers to sign documents without printing, faxing, scanning or overnighting. DocuSign provides detailed records of who has signed what and when.

Flexible routing via serial, simultaneous, or mixed signature sequences 

DocuSign customers can select and customize how they want their documents routed, which provides convenience and control for customers and greater efficiency and accountability in enterprises.

Complies with U.S. and EU regulations and allows for ID verification 

DocuSign complies with the U.S. ESIGN Act and EU directives, so customers can be confident they are legally compliant when using DocuSign. 

DocuSign partners with companies in all industries to provide increased convenience, accuracy, security, and integrity of documents for electronic signature needs.

DocuSign has a free 30-day trial and versions for single users that start as low as $10/month or for businesses at $25 and $40/month, allowing users to send out increasing documents per month and offering increasing features. It also offers specific plans for real estate firms. 

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4.8 (Aggregate Score)

4.6 (230 user reviews)

4.4 (270 user reviews)


Best for affordability

PandaDoc is an American software company founded in 2011 that offers document creation, sharing and signing, and workflow automation. 

The standout features of PandaDoc include: 

Excellent free version with unlimited document signatures and payment collection

Unlimited document signatures and payment collection means that you can sign and collect payment for unlimited documents.

Integration with most business software and apps and APIs available with paid versions

PandaDoc is a complete cloud-based software service. It offers an API for developers to build apps and integrations, as well as extensions for some leading applications such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and DocuSign. Paid versions offer more APIs and integrations with other popular business software including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM and more.

Extensive live support via telephone and chat, large knowledge base, live and video training 

PandaDoc offers live support 6 days per week via telephone, chat, and email. A large knowledge base is available to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Live video training sessions are hosted every few months, with recordings of past sessions available online for viewing at any time.

PandaDoc provides a free version as well as a free trial and tiered paid plans that start at $19/month with increasing features. 

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4.6 (Aggregate Score)

4.5 (787 user reviews)

4.7 (1337 user reviews)


Best for scalibility

Part of Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Sign allows users to sign documents on-premises and online. Adobe is a US-based firm. 

The standout features of AdobeSign include: 

Ability to use passwords and role-based permissions to ensure security

This makes it  possible to share signature-enabled forms with people who don’t have their own credentials for online services

The ability to integrate with other Adobe apps like Adobe Team Services and LiveCycle

You can download the app on your phone directly from  Google Play  Store or Apple AppStore. Users should be able to find it by searching the store.

Online and desktop versions are available

The app is available for desktops, android devices, and iOS.You can download the desktop version from here. First-time users are required to sign up for an Adobe account before trying on the application. The registration process involves providing some details like your name, email address, etc.

You will receive a confirmation email after you complete the registration. In order to use the desktop app, you must have a compatible version of Adobe Air installed on your machine.

Easy integration with other Adobe products and included access to other Adobe apps

Sign in to Adobe Sign with your Adobe ID, and you can integrate it with other Adobe products like Team Services, LiveCycle, Creative Cloud, and more. Adobe Sign also provides access to cloud services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. to upload documents for signatures. It also means that the app will be integrated with other Adobe desktop applications like Acrobat and Photoshop.

There is a free version of AdobeSign, but paid versions begin at $9.99/month and range as high as $27.99/month.

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4.6 (Aggregate Score)

4.5 (466 user reviews)



Best for payments with signatures

SignNow is a U.S.-based firm founded in 2003 that currently boasts over 20 million users.

Standout features of signNow include:

Payment integrations, at cost, powered by AirSlate

These integrations include PayPal, Stripe, e-Check and direct ACH transfers. This is beneficial because it gives customers more options to pay. U.S. based companies can choose their payment gateway of choice, while non-US companies can use ACH transfers.

Available for iOS, Windows Android and web with numerous software integrations

SignNow is available for iOS, Android and on the web. They have numerous software integration options for CRMs including Gmail, Microsoft CRM, Outlook/Exchange Web Services, SugarCRM, Salesforce and Zoho.

Teams setting allows users to facilitate teamwork and accelerate workflows

This is one of the few features that really sets SignNow apart. If you work in a team, whether it’s large or small, you can use SignNow to speed up your workflow and/or team collaborations by inviting your teammates to create accounts through their personal portal.

SignNow offers a free version as well as free trials of its paid version which start at $8/user/month

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4.6 (Aggregate Score)

4.6 (467 user reviews)

4.6 (1005 user reviews)

Best for contract work

Launched in 2015, Australia-based offers per signature pricing that makes it an excellent choice for freelancers and other contract workers. standout features include:

ISO 2700 certified and compliant with major US and EU legislation

Being certified and in compliance with major legislation shows us that takes security and privacy very seriously.  This is further confirmed in their no-jailbreak required policy, which we applaud. also offers a per-signature pricing model, along with customizable templates and an excellent API for developers (and they offer a discount for both developers and contract workers).

SMS, Zapier, and API integrations

A number of integrations with apps like Zapier and SMS are available, allowing users to get notifications via SMS when documents are signed. also offers an API for developers to integrate signatures into their own apps (details here).

40% discounts for not-for-profits

This is a nice added bonus for organizations who might not otherwise have the budget to use a per-signature service.

In terms of pricing, offers one of the most competitive per-signature services out there–only DocuSign and HelloSign beat it at $12.50-$15/signature.  With, you’ll pay $7.50 per signature up to 10 signatures, and $5 for each additional 10 signatures (capped at 100/month).

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4.6 (Aggregate Score)



Our Rating Process

Device compatibility is one critical aspect of choosing a signature app. Most businesses will also want easy integration with applications such as Google Docs, DropBox, or even Salesforce and integration with commonly used APIs. 

Security and authentication and the ability to track users and preserve an audit trail are essential aspects of an eSignature app. 


This review looks at five of the best eSignature apps and assesses each software based on Ease of Use, Security, Document, and Platform Support and Value. We scored them each out of 5 points to help you in your decision process. 

Product Features


$25-$40 / month
  • Cloud-based eSignature solution
  • Over 350 integrations and APIs
  • Supports over 35 languages in over 180 countries


$19 / month
  • Cloud-based eSignature solution
  • Serves over 30,000 customers
  • API and mobile signing options


$27.99 / month
  • Cloud based eSignature software
  • Part of Adobe Document Cloud suite
  • Realtime tracking of documents and e-signing process


$8 per user / month
  • Cloud based eSignature provider with payment options
  • Includes unlimited templates including legal documents
  • Offers strong support for teams functions

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Frequently Asked Questions

PandaDoc and DocuSign both have offerings that are specific to real estate agents and managers. However, for a small real estate company, DocuSign is clearly the best choice. The company offers two tiers for smaller real estate companies, and both are priced significantly lower than the PandaDoc package for real estate.

In addition to eSignature capabilities, DocuSign offers realtors some valuable features and extras, including strikethrough, real-time audit trails and templates., The DocuSign mobile app and team reporting functions will also help realtors facilitate the signature process and grow their business.

There are three types of eSignatures: simple electronic signatures (SES), advanced electronic signatures (AES), and qualified electronic signatures (QES). Of these, QES is considered to be the most secure. Like AES, QES does require a level of identity verification for signatories and provide an audit trail. However, they go further.

Qualified electronic signatures must also meet the requirements demanded of eiDAS regulations, recognized by all members of the European Union. This includes having a certificate based on public keys and prior identification of the signatory by an audited entity such as a certificate authority. Auditors can identify signatories in-person or face-to-face remotely via video chat. Signatures must create the signature on a qualified device. The QES is considered the equivalent of a handwritten signature.

Most countries recognize e-Signatures as legally binding. In the U.S., for example, e-Signatures are recognized as the same as handwritten signatures federally and in all states. To be considered enforceable or legal, an e-signature must meet a specific condition. Specifically, there must be some evidence of the signer’s intent to execute or accept the agreement. To accomplish this, eSignature software requires the signer to take an affirmative action such as drawing their name using a mouse or the touchscreen or typing their name out.

For admission into a court of law, eSignatures should also have evidence of solid security, a secure audit trail and strong authentication measures in place.

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