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Business. Organization. Enterprise. Corporation. No matter what you do, you need software to do it. At StackCompare, our goal is to provide unbiased software reviews to help businesses and individuals with their workflow.



We provide you with impartial, honest software reviews. 



We know the products. We use the products. If we don’t like one, we’ll tell you.



We provide reviews to help your business get the most value from each SaaS product. 

Find the Right Software for your Business

From analytics to antivirus to social media marketing, if it exists, we dive in head first. We look for the latest products and provide comprehensive reports on functionality, features, and of course, value. That’s what it’s all about. If you’re not getting the most bang for your buck, why use a product in the first place?


Looking for something?

Explore our site to find the exact product solutions for your needs. Search products from different verticals like payroll, HR, cyber security, blogging, BI tools, marketing analytics, web services, and more. No really, we review it all.


Who We Are

StackCompare is made up of a team of tech-savvy product junkies who know everything about software. We review and compare – it’s in our name – the top SaaS products on the market to help you decide which ones will work for your business.

Software Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is free to use and you can feel confident that we’re giving you the goods on the products we analyze.

SaaS stands for “software as a service”. For example, tools that help you optimize your social media efforts, manage your teams, build websites and digital assets, or cyber security and antivirus software.

Our writers carefully research products across various SaaS categories and determine the criteria they find most important for each type of software. They then rate each software within that category based on those criteria.

We provide “Top 5” style reviews for various categories of software, in depth single software reviews, and x vs y comparisons (e.g., Zoom vs Skype).

Additionally, we aim to be as transparent as possible and often provide a collection of user-generated review scores from other sites to give you a meta-view of that software. 

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