Gooten Review 2021

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Whether you’re an artist, designer, or businessperson, producing physical items is a fantastic method to create brand recognition and profit from your creativity. You may personalize common goods and sell them online, such as t-shirts to art prints, backpacks to yoga mats.

Although there are some disadvantages to selling bespoke items, such as the need for large upfront investment in inventory, there are several advantages. Print-on-demand businesses, on the other hand, make it much easier to manage the time, money, and risk involved with selling tangible products.

Gooten is one of the most well-known POD firms on the market today, providing brands with on-demand product creation that can be completed in a fraction of the time and cost.

This Gooten review will show you why so many consumers choose this print-on-demand firm for a product catalog that people can’t help but buy from.

What’s on This Page

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  • Warehouses around the globe
  • Robust product catalog
  • Simple to monitor all orders from start to finish

What is Gooten?

Gooten is a globally distributed print-on-demand business that operates a smart supply chain for brands looking to utilize an on-demand manufacturing business model. In other words, Gooten provides companies with an easier way to give customers what they want, when they want it, no matter the size of business or the number of customer orders shipped.

With over 150 high-quality products to choose from and an international network of vendors and shipping carriers, Gooten offers everything you need to build an entire product line without stressing about the manufacturing process.

How does Gooten work?

Using Gooten is so simple it makes Lego look like an impossible feat of structural engineering. The first step is to select the items from Gooten’s product catalog that you would like to sell. Once the items are selected, upload the custom designs you want to have on those products, and then add those products to your online store. Gooten automatically fulfills customer orders for you, taking care of the manufacturing, printing, and shipping.

The Gooten Shopify store app has a few extra products that some of the other POD apps don’t provide, which can help make your online store stand out. Gooten can also integrate with other ecommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Etsy. Tech-savvy teams can use the Gooten API to create custom tech stacks and integrations across multiple platforms.

Gooten Pros and Cons


  • Competitive pricing
  • Simple user interface
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Automatic order processing


  • Limited mock-up templates
  • Standard shipping can take up to 3 weeks
  • Limited integrations without API

Is Gooten safe?

With over 4 million products processed and shipped to 170 countries, Gooten continues to deliver an impressive 95% ship-on-time rate with less than a 2% error rate. Gooten also partners with reputable carriers, like UPS, USPS, and FedEx, to make sure your products get to your customers safely. If that isn’t enough to earn your confidence, you can sift through thousands of positive Gooten reviews from companies and customers raving about their best-in-class service.

Our Rating Process

With all the print-on-demand companies competing for your business, your search for the perfect POD partner can quickly turn into an avalanche of information and graphic tees. To help you stay on top of the mountain of choices instead of buried underneath it, we assess all POD software based on features, quality, options, and price. We score each of these critical elements out of 5 to give you the most transparent and accurate Gooten print-on-demand review possible.

Features 5/5

The user interface is nothing short of intuitive and offers the capability to manage multiple stores from a single Gooten account. The product catalog is packed with unique products for clothing, wall art, home décor, lifestyle, travel, technology, pets, and more. Gooten also offers a mobile app so you can manage and track your entire operation from your smartphone.

Quality 4.5/5

Overall, Gooten provides quality products that undergo a rigorous vetting process. However, because their manufacturers are located around the world, it does make it more challenging for Gooten to monitor the quality of each product coming from their 65+ global facilities. Some competitors manage their own warehouses and inventory, resulting in higher quality assurance but less volume and slower turnaround times, which is where Gooten really shines.

Options 4.5/5

Gooten offers over 150 products that can be sold with your custom design or artwork. Gooten uses multiple techniques for their products, including direct-to-garment printing, embroidery printing, foil printing, and dye-sublimation printing. You can order product samples to assess the quality before you commit to selling anything. Even though you have to pay for the samples, it’s worthwhile for quality control and you also have the product in hand to photograph for your website.

Price 4.5/5

Gooten’s pricing is based on selling volume, shipping costs, and the type of products you’re selling. There is no monthly or startup fee with Gooten, which means that you only pay when a product is sold. The prices listed on Gooten’s product catalog include the cost of the item and the printing, with discounts offered to members of their loyalty program.

Package Comparison

Product Details




Annual Spend


$25,000 – $99,999

$100,000 – $399,999

Support response time

36 hours

Less than 24 hours

Less than 18 hours

Business Partner Discounts




Partnership Manager 




Annual Sample Credit




Early access to new features




Bi-weekly operations and customer service report




Technical / Product Details

Product Details


Supported Languages

Gooten provides customer support in English


Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Etsy

Restricted Countries

Gooten does not ship to Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Central African Rep, Comoros, Congo, Cuba, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosrae, Liberia, North Korea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, Tinian, Truk, Yemen

Customer Support

Customers can put in a request on the website or contact customer service by logging in to access the Gooten helpdesk

Shipping Time

Domestic: up to 12 business days. International: 1-4 weeks.

Training Methods

Webinars, Live Online Sessions, Document Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gooten free to use?

There is no charge to sign up with Gooten, and there are no monthly fees. Users are responsible for paying for the products that are ordered, plus the shipping costs. Read the full Gooten review for more details on pricing.

Is Gooten better than Printful?

Gooten has a bit of an edge over Printful. Gooten outsources orders to their network, which consists of hundreds of global manufacturers, meaning faster turnaround times for customers.

Where does Gooten ship from?

Most Gooten products are shipped from the USA, however, there are also facilities in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Czech Republic, UK, and Italy. Orders are routed to production facilities that are closest to your consumers, allowing localized production, lower shipping costs, and faster delivery.

What are Gooten’s Shipping Costs?

Gooten’s shipping rates depend on several factors, including where the item originates, where it is going, and what the package includes. Shipping prices can start below $1.00 and go up to over $50. Gooten offers flat shipping rates as well.

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