Bitdefender Review 2021

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Bitdefender Antivirus is the most popular malware protection solution in the world, with over 20 years of experience. Many experts consider it to be one of the best antivirus programs. Bitdefender’s complete security package includes anti-malware and ransomware resistance.

It is intended to safeguard both consumers and companies, ranging from tiny firms to large enterprises, and it covers mobile devices, computers, and IoT devices. 

If you want to protect your computer against malware attacks, Bitdefender Antivirus 2018 is definitely a great choice. It’s easy on the system, while its high-performance security module protects you from new malware attacks.

But there are some reasons why Bitdefender Antivirus may not be suitable for your business. We’ll discuss those reasons in the following post, trying to make it as concise and objective as possible. We’ll also present you some alternatives that provide compatibility with Windows 10 operating system, without eroding the performance of your business PC.

This Bitdefender antivirus software review will cover the company’s features and protections as well as its various plans, including an objective evaluation of the value of Bitdefender’s antivirus solutions.

What’s on This Page

Bitdefender Logo



  • Numerous features and add-ons
  • Strong security and protections
  • Options for multiple devices

What is Bitdefender?

Antivirus software Bitdefender offers a suite of virus and other protections designed for both personal and commercial networks and devices. Founded in Romania in 2001, Bitdefender protects millions of consumer, business and government environments in over 170 countries. This includes more than 150 of the world’s most recognized technology brands. 

Bitdefender blocks malware and other threats, protects privacy and personal data and ensures that consumers and businesses remain cyber resilient. To accomplish the company also runs Bitdefender Labs, its research and development arm. The lab uncovers 400 new threats each minute and validates 30 billion threat queries every day. It has also pioneered innovations in antimalware software, IoT security, behavioral analytics, and artificial intelligence. 

Why use Bitdefender?

With the volume and variety of cyber threats increasing daily, there are many reasons to use antivirus software, but there are some compelling reasons to use Bitdefender specifically. In addition to a basic but good, entry-level free version, Bitdefender offers a variety of affordable and comprehensive packages that each come with a 30-day free trial. These paid versions also provide coverage for MacOS. The 15-device family plan offers outstanding value for families with multiple users and devices. 


Bitdefender is also a comprehensive option offering you a wide range of defenses, from banking and shopping to webcam and microphone protections. Users can set up specific profiles that will automatically adjust scanning to suit their usage. For example, the movie profile will postpone notifications and alerts so you can enjoy the movie, while the work profile and gaming profiles will, among other things, limit background scans to minimize the impact on the system. There is also a public Wi-Fi mode that offers full network protections.

Bitdefender Pros and Cons


  • Strong malware protection
  • Banking protection included
  • Ransomware protection included
  • Good free option
  • Multiple plan options including 15 device family


  • Limited VPN
  • Identity theft protection not included
  • MacOS subscription only with paid options
  • Bitdefender Plus only available for Windows

How are some Bitdefender features?

Bitdefender total security offers several critical features which protect your PC against viruses, spyware, adware and ransomware. It also includes features to defend against spam and phishing attempts as well as anti-tracking elements. These can help protect your data and are especially critical when banking or using a credit card to shop online. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can leverage Bitdefender to protect your microphone and webcam and use the virtual file shredder to delete and permanently overwrite any sensitive documents stored on your computer. Getting rid of originals is a critical step for encrypting files. 


If your computer is hacked or infected, Bitdefender includes a rescue mode that helps you clean up and restore your computer. The highest-end suite offered by Bitdefender also includes unlimited VPN and anti-theft features to locate, lock or even wipe your lost devices. Finally, parents will like the parental controls, which allow them to control and block specific web content before children access it. 

Our Rating Process

We assessed Bitdefender based on Security, Ease of Use, Protections, and Features and scored them each out of 5 points to help you in your decision-making process. 

Security  – 4.7/5

After weathering a single, well-publicized data breach in 2015, Bitdefender is considered a highly secure anti-virus protection software. In fact, experts believe it to be one of the most secure anti-virus protectors available, and the company has won numerous awards for its innovations and services. Bitdefender offers a robust and comprehensive set of security features, many of which go beyond its competitors’ offerings. 

Ease of Use –  4.5 / 5

Unfortunately, Bitdefender’s comprehensive list of features means it is a bit of a challenge to set up. It is time-consuming, and the installation files are large. However, once installed, it is straightforward to use with an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard, appropriately called Bitdefender Central, that allows you to locate, configure, run and get reports easily and quickly. 

Protections  – 4.9 / 5

Bitdefender’s basic free version offers substantial protections, but the paid versions provide valuable advanced defenses. For instance, you’ll get advanced ransomware protection, Wi-Fi hotspot shield protection, and excellent password management “wallet”. A vulnerability scan that runs in the background will alert you of threats, weak passwords, and even missing security updates for your software. 

Plans – 4.8 / 5

The ability of anti-virus software to tailor specific protections to unique circumstances, devices, and uses is critical. Bitdefender offers a variety of plans for particular devices, profiles, and uses. It has a small business option, for example, and products for large, networked organizations. In addition to general protection against spam, malware, and ransomware, Bitdefender also offers specialty services. For instance, Bitdefender Internet Security protects your browsing, and Bitdefender Identity protection protects you from identity theft. 

Package Comparison

Product Details

Free Version

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Total Security

Price Per Month


$59.99 ($29.99 first year)

$89.99 ($39.99 first year)

Real-time malware protection




Rescue Environment








Parental Controls








Technical / Product Details

Product Details


Supported Languages

Brazilian • Czech • Dutch • English• French • German • Greek • Hungarian• Italian • Japanese • Korean • Polish • Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Spanish • Swedish • Thai • Turkish • Vietnamese


PC, Android, MacOS, iOS, IoT (limited)

Restricted countries


Customer support

24/7 by chat, email and telephone, extensive knowledge base

Supported browsers

Google Chrome version 56 or later, Mozilla Firefox version 52 or later, Safari 10.0 or later (Mac), Microsoft Edge


Citrix, VMware, Nutanix, Linux Foundation, Microsoft, NETGEAR

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitdefender was formed as a subsidiary of Softwin and was once called Softwin AVX. However, it is now a standalone business, incorporated under the name Bitdefender. Bitdefender incorporated its enterprise arm as Business Solutions Group. The company has headquarters in Bucharest, Romania and Santa Clara, California.

Bitdefender is an excellent antivirus solution for both individual devices and networks. The company has won multiple industry awards and owns no less than 450 patents for its solutions. It offers a wide range of products protecting a variety of devices and setups.

TYou can buy Bitdefender antivirus online on the company website. Once you pay for your selected product, you will be provided a download link for the solution. You can also buy it online through companies such as Amazon and in-store at most office and electronics stores.

Bitdefender offers a wide variety of antivirus plans suited to individual consumers and businesses, both large and small. A basic version of Bitdefender is free, and you can try any version free for thirty days. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is $59.99 per year, and the Bitdefender Family Pack provides access for 15 devices for $119.99 per year.

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