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Social media analytics tools are crucial to your social campaigns. The analytics tell a comprehensive story about how the campaign performed, audience sentiment and engagement. These analytics are used by campaign managers to provide audience insights, and make decisions about future campaigns, sales strategies and content.

Social media analytics tools these days are a one-stop shop. They allow you to publish to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn, engage with your audience, view analytics and generate reports, all from the same place.

Whether you manage one channel for one brand or multiple channels across multiple brands, there’s a social media analytics tool out there for you – you just have to understand your needs, then choose the right one!

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Top Social Media Analytics Software



  • $45 USD/month – Starter, attract audience attention
  • $800 USD/month – Professional, custom reports, optimize conversion
  • $3,200 USD/ month – Enterprise, advanced reporting

Good Data Visualization

When it comes to social media analytics it’s all about the data visualization, and HubSpot offers just that in a variety of expansive graphs that break down the numbers based on features like impressions, engagement and audience.

Bulk Scheduling Feature

The tool lets you bulk schedule and post directly to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Bulk scheduling is fast and easy, all you have to do is download the Excel template, add your copy, links, post time, date, and social channels, then select a campaign – lastly you drag and drop your media file into HubSpot. Just like that, your post is done!

Cross-Platform Integration

The platform makes it easy to connect your posts to a campaign and toggle between social networks. HubSpot also has a partnership with online design tool, Canva, which lets you easily design beautiful social posts right from within the platform.

All-in-One Marketing Hub

If you have a team that wants to keep all aspects of your marketing campaign in one place, this is the tool for you, because HubSpot’s social analytics tool is part of their all-in-one marketing hub which gives you insight into the complete customer journey from beginning to end

The platform lets you get started for free with basic contact and ad management, but you have to upgrade for the social media analytics tools. Plans start at $45 USD/month.

Overall Ratings:

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4.63 (Aggregate Score)

4.5 (4478 user reviews)

4.3 (7077 user reviews)



  • $49 USD/month – Professional, 10 social profiles, 1 user
  • $129 USD/month – Team, 20 social profiles, 3 users
  • Contact for pricing – Enterprise, custom

Long-time platform with enterprise-level customization

Hootsuite has hundreds of thousands of paid accounts and millions of users all over the world. Much like HubSpot, the platform lets you publish to any of your social media channels through its publishing tool.  As one of the original social media analytics tools, this platform offers custom enterprise features for large agencies and brands.

Scheduling across multiple channels and accounts

The tool is celebrated for its ability to integrate multiple social media accounts and schedule posts across them in real-time from a single dashboard. It can also help you access various social media profiles from one single place.

Easy to learn

For those starting out in social media management, this tool is easy to understand and train a team on, but it does have some shortfalls:

  • The tool does not allow you to download draft posts, it only exports to a csv file, which is not ideal if you’d like to present to a client.
  • The desktop version of the tool is also not as intuitive as the mobile app.

Overall Ratings:

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4.6 (Aggregate Score)

4.3 (2686 user reviews)

4.1 (3102 user reviews)

Zoho Social


  • $10 USD/month – Standard, 1 brand (7 channels), 1 team member
  • $30 USD/month – Professional, 1 brand (7 channels), 1 team member
  • $40 USD/month – Premium, 1 brand (8 channels), 3 team members
  • $230 USD/month – Agency, 10 brands (80 channels)
  • $330 USD/month – Agency Plus, 20 brands (160 channels)

Part of Zoho’s Suite of Products

Zoho Social is a product of, a suite with more than 40 products and used by people all over the world. The tool offers a publishing calendar, bulk scheduler and repeat post to help your social media team be more efficient and effective in their jobs.


Business professionals prefer this platform because it’s more affordable than competitors and integrates with Zoho’s CRM to help you generate leads from social media. This seamless process helps both the sales and marketing teams understand social data and close sales.

Integration with Zoho Desk enables ticket creation

You can also integrate with Zoho Desk, which will create tickets from social media for community managers or the support team to respond to and resolve.

Zoho’s plans are built for businesses and agencies and they offer a 15-day free trial that requires no credit card.

Overall Ratings:

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4.7 (Aggregate Score)

4.7 (2418 user reviews)

4.6 (2150 user reviews)

Sprout Social


  • $99 USD/ month – Standard, 5 social profiles
  • $149 USD/month – Professional, 10 social profiles
  • $249 USD/month – Advanced, 10 social profiles, advanced automation

Templated and Customizable Reporting Options

Sprout Social is one of the most popular social media analytics tools on the market. On this platform, you’ll get access to templated and customizable reporting options, meaning you can choose how you see your analytics and how they are downloaded for presentations, giving you more control over the story your numbers tell.

Compare Performance with Competitors

The tool is not only focused on post data, it also lets you track internal team performance data and competitor activity. This helps you improve your internal processes and your customer acquisition strategy.

Advanced Listening Tool

“Listening not only helps us better understand what the conversations are about our brand […] it lets us make sure we’re dominating share of voice, […]” says Ken Wenman, Digital Content Marketing Manager at James Hardie. This quote, published on Sprout Social’s website speaks to their advanced listening tool, which gathers data related to industry influencers, campaign performance and consumer sentiment.

The platform offers a 30-day free trial.

Overall Ratings:

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4.3 (Aggregate Score)

4.4 (455 user reviews)

4.3 (1476 user reviews)

Product Features


45 - $3200 / month
  • Easy to use
  • All-in-one hub
  • Bulk scheduling


$49 - Custom / month
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple platforms
  • Use multiple accounts

Zoho Social

$10 - $330 / month
  • Affordable
  • Multiple platforms
  • Support tickets

Sprout Social

$99 - $249 / month
  • Track performance
  • Track competitors
  • Social listening

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best social media analytics tool for you depends on your needs. Some of the best tools on the market today include Sprout Social, Hubspot, Hootsuite. After analyzing your deliverables and budget, choose the option that’s best for you.

Social media analytics are the data generated from monitoring and analyzing social media posts, interactions and campaigns. They include audience engagement, sentiment and click-through rates.

Tracking social media analytics can be done within each individual social media platform. If you are managing multiple platforms across multiple brands, you should use a social media analytics tool like Social Sprout. These tools will give you more in-depth data so that you can better understand social media campaigns and how they performed.

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